Sessions at St Tudy Pre-school


Mon 8am – 4pm

Tues 8am – 4pm

Weds 8am – 4pm

Thurs 9am – 3pm

Fri 9am – 3pm

Funded & non-funded places

All children are currently entitled to up to 15 hours per week from the term following their 3rd birthday, which is paid for directly by the government. 

Additional funding for three and four year olds is available for up to 30 free hours per week for those that meet eligibility criteria.

Some two year olds may also qualify for up to 15 free hours per week.

Occasionally additional fees may apply.

Lunch Time

Children that stay for lunch currently need to provide their own packed lunch.


Due to current Covid regulations, children are asked to provide a healthy snack for each morning and/or afternoon session attended.

Children are provided with a choice of milk or water at all snack times and at lunch time. It is also available throughout the session.

We would like to stress that any dietary requirements arising from allergies, intolerances and religious/ideological observances will be noted and respected.

Breakfast & after school clubs

We run a breakfast club at St Tudy Preschool on Mon – Weds from 8am – 9am for which we charge £5.

We run an afternoon club at St Tudy PreschoolMon – Weds from 3pm – 4pm for which we charge £5.

Currently these places are for children who attend the pre-school but please contact the manager for more details should you be interested.

General Information

Information for parents is posted in the reception area of the pre-school, and via the newsletter, which can be emailed if preferred. We also post news on our Facebook group and send out text messages if you opt in to this service.

There is also a notice board located in the pre-school that includes all the Pre-School updates and news.

We ask that you please check your child’s drawer/tray regularly.

Parental Involvement

The Pre-school is a registered charity and requires a Committee of Trustees to manage and direct it. Trustees are usually the parents of children at the Pre-School. If you would like to become a Trustee, please contact us on 01208 367172 (we are available on this number in term-time only from 8am-4pm). We welcome new members at anytime.

A typical session…

Our aim is to keep learning fun and educational!

9.00am – Welcome / Sign In / Free Play

9.30am – Register / Singing / Discussion on activities on offer

9.45am – Free play and adult led activities / Free flow where possible

9.45 / 10.15am – Handwashing / Snack time

10.30am – Nappy changing and toileting if required

10.45/11.00am – 11.45am – Adult led activities outdoors / Free flow continues where possible

11.45am – Musical movement / Dance / Story time / Story sack / Topic discussion

12.15pm Handwashing / Nappy Changing / Help with toileting

12.30pm – Lunch for all. Prepare for home / quiet activities at the table / Home box emptied

1pm – Register / Singing / Discussion on activities on offer

1.15pm – Adult led activities outdoors / Free flow continues where possible

2pm – Nappy changing and toileting if required

2.15pm – Handwashing / Snack time

2.30pm – Musical movement / Dance / Story time / Story sack / Topic discussion

3pm – pick up/collection

* We regularly visit the local allotment, park, canteen and walks around the village.

* Toileting is encouraged throughout the day for those who are dry or potty training, whereas those still in nappies and pull ups are checked regularly and changed as necessary.